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Bulimia Help

Coping with Bulimia on your own is a lonely and isolating feeling. I have had clients over the years that after 20 years of binging and purging on a daily basis that they present for help and fully recover. Throughout these 20 years they have never shared this secret with anyone. They have felt shame […]

Eating Disorder Recovery

I recently had a lady that I had worked with many years ago contact me. My initial thought was that she was looking to re-engage with me for therapy. How delighted I was to hear that she actually called to tell me how well she was doing. When I met this woman she was in […]

The Case of the Burnt Pudding

In the fall of 1892 Freud had a patient known as Lucy R. She presented at her own medical physician with symptoms of chronic rhinitis and olfactory hallucinations of burnt pudding. She was referred to Freud for Psychoanalysis. This woman worked as a governess for a widowed man cooking and caring for his children. One […]