Eating Disorder Recovery

I recently had a lady that I had worked with many years ago contact me. My initial thought was that she was looking to re-engage with me for therapy. How delighted I was to hear that she actually called to tell me how well she was doing. When I met this woman she was in her late 20s and had been suffering from Anorexia Nervosa with extreme OCD traits for about 15 years.

She began the conversation by “Im not sure if you remember me I was the bane of your life for a few months several years ago”. I knew the name immediately and disagreed with the bane of my life comment. In all honesty though this woman probably was one of the most resistant clients I had ever worked with, and her insight and motivation for change was so limited at the time. I felt so much joy to hear that she was in a recovery now for the last five years, and that she had two beautiful children and a third on the way. She was happily married and was in a professional career. She wanted to touch base to thank me for my help when we worked together.

I was so touched for the call and absolutely delighted for her that she had never given up and that she beat her eating disorder and took back her life. It really left me feeling

“Recovery is possible no matter how long you have been ill, or indeed how severe your symptoms are, however a helping hand can be an important step on the journey”.