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Inpatient Care Partnership

The Goldsmith Clinic is proud to be working in partnership with the Priory Hospital Glasgow to provide inpatient care for a range of acute mental health conditions. Thanks to our unique partnership agreement, should your consultant recommend a residential inpatient stay; we can provide a seamless integrated care pathway.

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Outpatient Clinic

The Goldsmith Clinic is an Outpatient Clinic based in South Dublin where assessment and ongoing care is offered for a range of mental health conditions including Eating Disorders, Alcoholism, Addiction, Depression and Anxiety, Relationship and Personality Issues, and trauma related problems as a result of physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

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Welcome to The Goldsmith Clinic where we provide quality and holistic care. We offer both assessments and ongoing care at our office practice based on the N11 in South County Dublin.You may be seeking help for an Eating Disorder such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder, for an Alcohol Problem, for an Addiction such as cocaine, prescription medications or gambling for Stress and sadness or just simply because of relationship difficulties with friends, family or in the workplace.If this is so our staff will be there to offer you realistic care with compassion and appropriate support. The men and women who work with us are experienced in these areas of life. They will be compassionate to you and will give you realistic care in a confidential and respectful setting.

Realistic Care



The Goldsmith Clinic was absolutely fundamental in my recovery from anorexia nervosa.
If it were not for their Trojan efforts in restoring my mental and physical health I would not be the happy healthy 25 year old I am now…

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The staff set a very healthy, safe and boundaried foundation upon which our therapeutic relationship was built…. they have kept their word, in that they have remained consistently compassionate towards me, very patient

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I was skeptical and doubted my abilities and the hope that I too could live with some perspective or control over an illness controlling my life. With slow and consistent help,and allowing trust in both Teresa and Geoffrey …

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