Our Philosophy

We humans are social beings and we have limited resources. Yet we live in a world where loss, accident and ageing are part of all our human lives. Therefore stress, disappointment, and sadness are unavoidable for us. At The Goldsmith Clinic we believe that it is the compassion and care that we may have received from others that allows us to be compassionate to ourselves and thus allows us to cope.

Sometimes we can be too self reliant and unable to accept the helping hand from others. This is easily understood when we have been hurt by others. Other times we may not be fully aware of our hurt. When we cannot cut ourselves some slack in life, we tend to beat ourselves up easily.



In these circumstances many of us will find some way to block out our troubles or hide from them. We may use dieting, binging and/or purging, alcohol, work or gambling to divert our attention from our core troubles. We may act out our anger to manage our hurt or we may try to avoid disappointment by trying to please everyone else. Sometimes we will give all our energies seeking the admiration of others or demanding perfect care from others. We may be unaware of the strength of our feelings because we have had to block them out so that we were not overwhelmed. Many of us will recognise that we repeat the same unhealthy patterns in life but not understand why.

Therapy is a compassionate act by you, for you with another human being.

Our Philosophy is to help you through the hard times and get your life back on track.

Therapy helps with the awareness of our feelings and helps us to manage them in a more adaptive and healthy way. We may then be able to stop using maladaptive strategies such as drinking and so on.

You may be able through the compassion of therapy to bear witness to your life experiences. It is the compassion of therapy we feel that may allow us to cut ourselves some slack in our human lives.

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Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations -Oliver Goldsmith