Outpatient Clinic

The Goldsmith Clinic is an Outpatient Clinic based in Stillorgan in South Dublin. At the clinic we provide assessment and ongoing care for people coping with a range of mental health conditions. Such as; Eating Disorders, Alcoholism, Addiction, Depression and Anxiety, Relationship and Personality Issues, and trauma related problems as a result of physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

Outpatient treatment may require that you would attend the clinic on a weekly basis (or more often if necessary) for therapy and consultation with one of our therapists. We offer a range of services for people depending on their needs and appropriateness for same. These may include Individual therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Consultant Psychiatrist Review, or Dietetic assessment. It is our task to help those attending, to understand themselves and their life experience, and show compassion for themselves in life.

Please read on for further details on each approach offered.

individual therapy
  • Group Gestalt Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Dietician Assessment & Support

  • Second opinions & Support to therapists/Doctors/Legal by our Consultant Psychiatrist

  • Arrangement of Residential Treatment