Specialised Treatment

You may be seeking help for an Eating Disorder such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder, for an Alcohol Problem, for an Addiction such as cocaine, prescription medications or gambling for Stress and sadness or just simply because of relationship difficulties with friends, family or in the workplace.

If this is so our staff will be there to offer you realistic care with compassion and appropriate support. The men and women who work with us are experienced in these areas of life. They will be compassionate to you and will give you realistic care in a confidential and respectful setting.

We Specialise In Treating:

The staff at The Goldsmith Clinic have a wealth of experience and knowledge in human life and the difficulties that can and are experienced by human beings on a daily basis. We will be there for people in a realistically caring and compassionate way so that they can begin to recognise how they are in the world and begin to have mastery over their lives.