Types of Therapies

Cognitive Analytical Therapy

Cognitive Analytic Therapy is a short-term therapy developed by Dr. Anthony Ryle and is used in the treatment of a range of disorders and difficulties such as depression, anxiety, personal and relationship problems.

Systemic Family Therapy

Family Therapy looks at the individual in the context of their relationships and social milieu rather than in isolation. Systemic Family Therapy, also known as Couple or Family Therapy, is a means of intervention that attempts to understand and address human beings’ pain and distress within the context in which it occurs i.e. the family or relationship environment.This therapeutic approach does not isolate an individual, but rather it takes account of the family as an organic whole, whatever form that family group might take.

Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion does not come from within, we are not born with it, it must be given to us by another. This usually occurs in our relationship opposite our primary care givers. However , for a lot of people this has not been the case if they grew up in a critical or striving environment.

Gestalt Psychotherapy

One of the fundamental approaches to therapy using the Gestalt approach is to see the client as a whole person, albeit expressing some symptom such as an eating disorder or an addiction. The client is not the disorder. In doing, so we count on the client to self-regulate and to trust this process so that they can get their needs met in a rich and fulfilling way. This is predicated on exploring the client’s own awareness of needs and choices.

Humanistic & Integrative Therapy

Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapies have many broad and creative approaches to working with clients. The therapeutic relationship is seen as a meaningful contract between equals. The aims of therapy may include encouraging the self-healing capacities of the client, exploring the client’s concrete individual experience of anxiety and distress rooted in earlier relationships and enable insight into repeating patterns of behaviour which might be preventing clients from leading fulfilling and satisfying lives.

Trauma Therapy

At the Goldsmith Clinic we are very skilled and experienced in working with people who have experienced trauma or abuse in their human lives. We are clear that children are not accountable in this circumstance and that the adult is always accountable regardless if alcohol was involved or not.

This is  usually the most difficult part of therapy as the person will blame themselves in most circumstances. We see the task of therapy as helping the individual person be compassionate to themselves as they are now, but also to be able to be compassionate to the child self or perhaps 18 year old self if that is when the assault/rape occurred.

Grief Therapy

Grief is our natural response to loss. It can affect every part of our life, but it is varied and different for each individual.

We may experience intense feelings such as sadness, anger, anxiety, disbelief, panic, relief or even numbness. It can also affect our thinking, so that we may think that we will never get over this or we may think that we are going crazy.