Bulimia Help

Coping with Bulimia on your own is a lonely and isolating feeling. I have had clients over the years that after 20 years of binging and purging on a daily basis that they present for help and fully recover. Throughout these 20 years they have never shared this secret with anyone. They have felt shame and disgust on a daily basis and have “performed” as they have described it for their loved ones in an attempt to protect them from feeling disappointed or having them worry. There is help out there, you do not have to suffer like this in silence anymore. At the Goldsmith Clinic we are very skilled in helping people understand their symptoms and move to a place where they can begin to show compassion for themselves in life. Recovery is possible. People do get better and go on to live their lives as they used to day dream about. Get in touch with us today to take the first step in getting control back of your feelings and your life.